Emergency Shelter

True North was established in 1992 as a community movement to support those experiencing domestic violence.
True North was established in 1992 (previously operating as The Wheatland Crisis Society), over 30 years ago, as a community movement to support those experiencing domestic violence.

True North operates out of a secure, 7000 sq. ft, home-like facility that can accommodate up to 25 people in seven bedrooms with shared bathrooms.
The kitchen, living room, and yard are communal spaces.
Two counselling spaces are available within the facility for personal space and reflection.

The shelter provides families and individuals accommodations for up to 30 days while our staff support clients as they prepare for their next step.

Clients have access to nutritious homemade meals, childcare, counselling, support groups, safety planning, music therapy, yoga therapy, meditation, gardening, and educational sessions (How to Manage Stress, Fostering Self-esteem, Positive Parenting).

True North aspires to provide compassionate, trauma-informed programming with the goal of fostering client resiliency, mastery, independence, and a sense of peace and community.

Child and Youth Care

The True North Child & Youth Care Program offers parents a safe place for children to express themselves freely and have fun. Our trauma-informed childcare programming recognizes the physical and emotional needs of children who have experienced domestic violence; we take continued care in fostering a calm, inviting, and creative space. Kids can enjoy a variety of activities in the playroom, such as arts & crafts, dramatic play, board and card games, music, Nintendo, and more! The playroom is a space dedicated to kids to simply be kids.

Family Enjoyment Program

    Thanks to the continued generosity of our community, True North is grateful to continue our Family Enjoyment Program for families in the shelter.

    This program allows us to offer parents and children opportunities to create new, positive family memories free from violence while helping strengthen healthy relationships. Some of our favourite family events have included movie nights, family baking nights, birthday celebrations, and ice-cream feasts!

    Home Library

      In our unending goal to support our clients as they plan the next step in their journey towards independence, we are proud to offer our in-shelter families a Home Library that

      ~ is filled with stories of courage, adventure, determination, and triumph,

      ~ reflects our values of inclusivity & diversity,

      ~ encourages healthy family bonding practices through reading together,

      ~ reduces feelings of stress trough solo reading,

      ~ encourages a culture of reading for enjoyment, and

      ~ gives our clients a greater feeling of normalcy and autonomy during their transition period with us.

      If you'd like to support the Home Library program, you can help us stock our shelves, replace lost or damaged books, and purchase anticipated new releases. Click here or scan the QR code below. All donations $20.0 and more qualify for a tax receipt!

      Home Library Wish List

      Early Intervention Program

      The Early Intervention Program is an integrative program between the Residential Shelter and the Child & Youth program that provides parents and children who have witnessed or experienced family abuse with supportive counseling, education, safety planning, and other tools to help foster healthy attachment strategies in children.

      Early Intervention programming aims to reduce risk factors (such as exposure to domestic abuse) and increase protective factors (such as positive self-esteem and strong social supports) in a child’s life; these protective factors help mitigate risk and promote the healthy development and well-being of children throughout their lives.

      The Family Residential Early Invention Worker provides families with:

        • crisis support through group and individual counseling,
        • parent coaching,
        • personal and family safety planning,
        • educational sessions:
            • the effects of trauma on child development (with a focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs))
            • positive parenting (role modeling, healthy communication strategies)
            • expressing emotions
            • fostering self-esteem
            • resources and referrals to ongoing community support, so families can continue to thrive even after they have left the shelter.

      Our Early Intervention workers work to ensure that the psychological and emotional needs of all family members are met!

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