True North signs Memorandum of Understanding with Siksika Nation

Tuesday, July 25, 2023, True North and Siksika Nation sign MOU: a Memorandum of Understanding and commitment to work together and form a closer working relationship.

A Commitment to Work Together

The Memorandum of Understanding states True North will prioritize working closely with Siksika Nation services to collaboratively support the training domestic violence providers and provide service to Indigenous domestic violence survivors fleeing violence.

True North’s Interim Executive Director, Carol Manson McLeod (right), signs the MOU with Siksika Nation Councillor Marsha Wolf Collar (left).

An Agreement to Collaborate

The Parties agree to collaborate with each other and with service providers, such as:

  • the Siksika Support Centre, which is a collaboration between Siksika Nation, Siksika Family Services Corporation and Siksika Health Services,
  • Siksika Nation administration, 
  • Siksika Nation service areas such as Siksika Public Safety,
  • and third parties such as the Gleichen RCMP.

A Show of Support 

The True North and Siksika Nation MOU agrees that True North will provide emergency shelter access to Siksika Nation citizens who require emergency support & accommodations when fleeing violence. True North also agrees to source other safety accommodations in the event True North’s emergency shelter is at capacity.

A Readiness to Learn from Each Other

In collaboration with Siksika Nation, True North will provide program training and prevention training services to the Siksika Nation to assist Siksika Nation when developing its own Women’s Shelter.

Together, we can end violence in our communities and create a kinder, more diverse, and compassionate place to live.

True North and Siksika Nation sign MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

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